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Image of 10000 PUV Pressurised Pond Filter (266)

Ponds are a fun and enjoyable way of offering a safe haven for indigenous wildlife and aquatic pets, and so the addition of the 10000 PUV Pressurised Pond Filter will help to keep it in perfect purified order! To keep your fishy friends and other pals...

Image of 100w Double-Ended UVC Bulb (BOGOF)

This powerful double-ended pond UVC bulb zaps away single cell green algae and is suitable for use with the Lotus 100w UVC.

Image of 13w Single-Ended GX23 Base UVC Bulb (BOGOF)

This 13w bulb has a unique 'double-fin' appearance at the base of the bulb. It is suitable for the Fish Mate 15000 Powerclenz filter.

Image of 14-feed Automatic Aquarium Fish Feeder (F14)

If you’re going on holiday, there’s no need to ask someone to help with feeding your fish – the F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder has it covered! This automatic feeder from Fish Mate serves food portions over several hours, which keeps your aquarium-dwellers...

Image of 15000 PUV Pressurised Pond Filter (267)

Keep your fish happy and healthy with clean pond water, courtesy of the 15000 PUV Pressurised Pond Filter. This easy-to-use Fish Mate pond filter uses both UV and biological filtration to ensure your pond remains an underwater paradise for its residents....