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Category:  Fish

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Image of 100w UVC Bulb (Double-Ended, BOGOF Deal)

This powerful double-ended pond UVC bulb zaps away single cell green algae and is suitable for use with the Lotus 100w UVC.

Image of 12mm Diameter Hose

12mm PVC Pond Hose. Choose the quantity you require and we will send it as one length i.e. If you need 6m then choose QTY '6'.

Image of 13w UVC Bulb (GX Base, Single-Ended , BOGOF Deal)

This 13w bulb has a unique 'double-fin' appearance at the base of the bulb. It is suitable for the Fish Mate 15000 Powerclenz filter.

Image of 13w UVC Bulb (Single-Ended, BOGOF Deal)

This popular single-ended UVC bulb fits the following filtration systems: All-in-Ones Fish Mate 5000 Bio Filter & PondXpert TripleAction 3000 (5m cable) Hozelock EasyClear 9000 PondXpert TripleAction 3000 Classic (5m cable) PondXpert TripleAction 3000...

Image of 15w UVC Bulb (Double-Ended, BOGOF Deal)

This quality double-ended UVC light bulb that fits the following systems: Filters Fish Mate Gravity 15/30 UVCs Evolution Aqua Evo 15w Lotus 15w TMC 15