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Category:  Cat Toys

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Image of Acticat Play Tunnel Red Polka

Our Ever Popular 1.3M Cat Tunnel Is Made From A Classy Red Polka Fabric And Features Some Dangling Toys To Play With. Perfect For Your Cat To Curl Up And Nap In Too!

Image of All For Paws Lambswool Cat Tunnel - Assorted Colours

The All For Paws Lambswool Cat Tunnel is a fabulous and fun choice for your feline friend. The tunnel design gives your cat an ideal spot to hide out or sleep in. It also features a central port hole so your cat can pop its head through keeping an eye...

Image of Ancol Acticat Plastic Playground

The Ancol Acticat Plastic Playground will keep your cat entertained for hours! The internal tennis ball spins around the plastic wheel and it is a challenge for your cat to try to reach it as it revolves with the motion. The fuzzy pompom springs around...

Image of Ancol Acticat Premo Xl Deluxe Scratch Post Chocolate

Premo Xl Deluxeacticat Cat Furnituresisal Post With Carpet Base And Hanging Cat Toy

l35 X W35 X H73Cmavailable Harvest Beige, Heather Pink, Ocean Blue.Boxed In Full Colour Box With Carry-Home Handle.

Image of Ancol Catnip Bug Cat Toy

The Ancol Catnip Insect Cat Toy is a multiple textured and catnip infused plush cat toy that is perfect for pawing and batting.Features: Catnip infused Multiple textures to excite cats Perfect for pawing and batting Multicoloured Crinkle textured...

Image of Ancol Fluffy Dangler Wand Cat Toy

Appeal to your cat's hunting instincts with this Ancol Fluffy Dangler Wand Cat Toy. It is sure to become one of your feline friend's favourite teaser toys.KEY FEATURES: Watch cats go crazy with an Ancol Fluffy Dangler. With a long plume of feathers...

Image of Ancol - Furry Mice Catnip Cat Toy

Cats have a natural instinct to chase and catch mice, so these Ancol Furry Mice let your cat chase, bite, and bat harmlessly.

With faux fur and added catnip,...

Image of Ancol Glitter Fish Catnip Cat Toy

The Ancol Glitter Fish Catnip Cat Toy is a multicoloured catnip filled crinkly toy that your cat will spend hours playing with.Features: Perfect for batting Crinkle textures for interest Contains catnip Brightly-colouredContents: 1 x randomly chosen...

Image of Ancol - Glitter Fish Cat Toy with Catnip

The perfect cat toy for battling and swotting. With crinkle textures to hold your cat's interest. 

Contains cat-nip.

Image of Ancol Large Red Spot Tunnel - 1.3m

Offering bundles of playing potential this Ancol Large Red Spot Tunnel is excellent value for money and a great all-round toy.Made out of soft Nylon material this tunnel features a stylish red and white polka dot design with a black interior finish. To...

Image of Ancol - Plastic Balls Cat Toy x3

These Ancol Plastic Balls Cat Toys are made of a hardwearing plastic with miniature toys in their centres for noise and interest to keep your cat entertained for hours.


Image of Ancol Plastic Balls with Bell Cat Toy - 3 Pack

Bright colours rolling action and bells what more could your cat ask for? These Ancol Plastic Balls with Bells will really make your cat’s day.These 3 cat toys are made from hard wearing plastic which have a bell inside to grab your cat’s attention....